How To Fix Common Hoverboard Glitches

How To Fix Common Hoverboard Glitches

The self-balancing scooter or more commonly called the hoverboard is a wonderful and handy piece
of technology. You can use it to ride short distances or use it to move around the house, but like
with every technological device, there are occasional complications. And like any gadget, there are
simple ways to solve these issues which we will discuss in this article. We have listed out some of the
most frequently faced hoverboard problems and quick remedies that you can try at home.

Blinking battery light

If there is an issue, the hoverboard battery light will blink red, and one of the simplest solutions is to
recalibrate your board. Turn the hoverboard off and place it on a level surface. Then hold or press
the on/off button for 10 seconds, until a little red circle appears. When it vanishes, you can restart
the board.

When you get off the hoverboard, it vibrates

This is one of the most vexing hoverboard issues. When you jump off, the board begins to tremble
fiercely. Turn it off, flip it over, and remove the renegade side’s rear cover. There is an air pocket
beneath the rubber cushion that must be released by cutting a small incision on the lip around the
edge. Alternatively, use a pen to carefully poke a hole in it.

The hoverboard is not charging properly

One of the most common hoverboard difficulties is a failure to charge correctly, and the first step is
always to read the retailer’s guidelines and start charging for a minimum of three hours. If after
trying all this the battery refuses to charge. Also, check if the charger port is functional and working
properly. If there is still no battery light, you may have a battery issue and need to speak to someone
from the retailer’s team. You should connect with the team from where you purchased the
hoverboard and not an unlicensed repair person.

The hoverboard wheel has been locked and lights stay on

This is most likely due to a problem with the washer linked to the wheel fastening. Unscrew the
wheel and carefully pull it until you see the washer. If it looks to be defective, replace it. Moreover
the lights not blinking of is an indicator that there is an issue with either one or both your gyros.

The hoverboard will not start

If you are faced with an instance such as this, where your hoverboard will not start the first thing to
ensure is that the device is completely charged. Check that you are properly plugged into the
charging cable, and that the wire is not loose. Usually, if you do not use the hoverboard for a longer
time you could face the issue of the battery dying down on its own and charging the self-balancing
scooter for at least an hour should resolve the issue. If not please connect with the customer service

The hoverboard got soaked

Your hoverboard should be good to ride in the rain, but if it becomes too wet, switch it off, remove
the battery and motherboard, and gently wipe with a soft towel. Place in a cool, dry location.

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