White Hoverboards



The white hoverboard is an incredible personal transport that has materialized the most bizarre sci-fi fantasy.  An exciting gift to a kid, this coolest gadget is being craved by teens and adults alike!

Our electronic hoverboards are user-friendly with a unique self-balancing attribute that adds to the zeal of owning the magnificent gadget. The first-time riders who want to pick more courage while riding the hoverboards will be able to ride in peace with our wide foot base. This will also allow the kids to master the balance easily.

One of the prime concerns while riding a hoverboard is the steep turns and twists on the roads. Our hoverboards come with special responsive reversing, turning, and acceleration that takes care of the Indian roads and ensures a safe journey. Also, the powerful 29V Samsung Lithium-ion battery supports a travel distance of 20 km without any obstruction.

We have a wide gamut of hoverboard collection that fits your desired criteria and pocket. Also, the white hoverboard adds a classy appeal to your ride that can be matched with various models like Lamborghini style, which is out best-seller model. The 8-inch wide foot base of our model gives you the confidence needed to get along with this gadget. Pick from the models and jumpstart a phenomenal journey.

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