What Is an Off Road Hoverboard?

What Is an Off Road Hoverboard?

Off Road hoverboards are designed to have a sturdy body that safeguards the sensors during a rough
gravel ride. You can be confident that the board will survive longer than a standard board. Off-road
hoverboards are meant to adapt to any sort of terrain, unlike ordinary hoverboards. These weather-
resistant, muddy, or grassy boards give acceleration, balance, and range when navigating bends,
going uphill, and weathering stones and shocks.


This hoverboard's 8-inch robust wheels are ideal for handling gravel, grass, dirt trails, steep inclines,
and rough surfaces. The long wheelbase and increased clearance ensure that you are consistently at
your most comfortable. There is less pressure on the back and knees, and you may ride this fantastic
hoverboard for lengthy periods of time. When you wish to walk off the streets and onto gentler
ground, the sturdy 8-inch wheels provide improved grip. This tiny hoverboard has a top speed of 12
km/h and can tackle inclines of up to 15 degrees, making it ideal for grassy regions and other non-
traditional softer terrain.

How heavy is it and how much weight can it take?

The hoverboard weighs a total weight of 12.5 kg implying that you can effortlessly carry it when
necessary. The off-road hoverboard, which comes in a stylish black hue, is an essential addition to
your travel portfolio.
Hoverboard India's off-road hoverboard can support loads of up to 120 kg. This indicates that it is
ideal for any body type.

Charging this beast

The off-roader provided by us takes around 2 hours to charge completely. On a single charge, you
can use the vehicle to travel up to 6-10km. This is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a lengthy fun
session on a single charge. You can do many different tricks on the off-roader since it will never fail
you; providing joy and excitement at every step.

What does the off road hoverboard include?

With our off-road hoverboard, you are given a carry bag which you can use to store the device when
not in use. We have also included a charger which rapidly charges our Samsung batteries completely
within 2 hours. Another addition that we send across is the remote control. The off-road hoverboard
has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to cool tunes when you are doing your tricks
or using the hoverboards. We also offer a years warranty with the vehicle so that you are assured
that your vehicle is safe and can approach for any queries regarding manufacturing flaws or
electrical problems. You can also expect free servicing of the vehicle under the warranty period.

Swanky Skins

Our off-road hoverboards are not just your basic boards. We know that hoverboarders love to make
a statement when using their boards. For those adventure seekers, we have a variety of color
options such as camouflage and graphic designs that make your hoverboard seem even more cooler.
There are some that prefer the elegance and sleekness of a single shade and we have a black hued
board as well as a marbled shade.

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