6.5 Inch Hoverboards



Enjoy the thrill of surfing on the land with this phenomenal hoverboard. The 6.5-inch-wide hoverboard is perfect for an everyday ride to school or bus stop as well as occasional use that doesn’t demand any fuel and high maintenance. Being eco-friendly in nature, it gives you the opportunity to explore the neighborhood without any restriction.Nobody is a born rider and it is natural to feel nervous while riding a hoverboard. However, the scooters from Tiger Hoverboards are designed with self-balancing technology that not only supports the weight of up to 100 kilograms but also distributes the total weight across the board that helps maintain a parallel distance from the road. In addition to this mechanism, this hoverboard maintains the speed of 10 km per hour and beeps an alarm if the speed crosses12 km per hour while lowering it down to the standard speed. Amalgamation of these mechanisms reduces the risk of falling from the board while fueling the excitement of riding the hoverboard.

Our hoverboards are portable and easy to charge with a simple plug-in charger, which takes only a couple of hours to fill the battery with power. Glide about 20 kilometers in a single charge and enjoy the responsive reversing, turning, and acceleration powered by hi-speed chipset and German motor.

We are proud to present a powerful self-balancing scooter with tough tires that are meant for the Indian roads. This will stay with you without raising any technical concern and asking for any maintenance. Our affordable range of hoverboards is perfect for every age group and physique that allows everyone to enjoy strolling the neighborhood in a different way. Experience the magnificence of technology and grab the best hoverboard in vibrant colors from our range to give your small detours a colorful appearance without being heavy on the pocket.