Charging Your Hoverboard – What You Need To Know

Charging Your Hoverboard – What You Need To Know


You have bought a brand new hoverboard and must be excited to get started. But before you enjoy your ride, you’ll need to charge your hoverboard.

You may have questions such as what if the battery heats up? Is it safe to keep riding the hoverboard on low battery? Apart from the obvious risks which hoverboards could bring, there are also other serious concerns. We’ll try to answer some of the crucial questions in this article.

Charging the Hoverboard battery

Charging a hoverboard’s battery is a serious matter because mishaps like battery explosions are not limited to smartphones. Such problems occur when a dependable check & balance system is not in place. Battery issues with the hoverboards have occurred in the past and thus, the smart thing is to buy a hoverboard from a reputable brand which doesn’t use cheap electronic components and batteries.

There are a plethora of hoverboard manufacturers in the market, but not all meet the minimum safety standards. It is best to buy a hoverboard from a reputed manufacturer to avoid the possibility of a mishap. Choosing a random hoverboard would be akin to putting your whole house at stake if you are buying such a product without in-depth research.

Certified battery

A hoverboard must have a high quality, certified battery which does not heat up, in case of overcharging. Even though your hoverboard has a high-quality battery there are some precautions which must be considered for your own safety.

1) Low Battery: The first thing you must do is to immediately stop riding the hoverboard when the low battery indicator alarm goes off. When the alarm goes off, it does not mean that the battery is empty. You can still keep riding but it will affect the battery life. If you will keep on riding the hoverboard even on the low battery till the battery is depleted, the performance of the battery may be affected and if it continues, it may not charge again. In such cases the battery could also heat up because of bearing the load on the low battery and damage other components.

2) Unplug when fully charged: Secondly, always remember to unplug the hoverboard when the battery is fully charged. Usually a red light glows when an electronic product like a hoverboard is on charge and a green light turns on when the battery is charged completely. Thus, the green light is the cue to unplug the hoverboard.

3) Avoid Overcharging: Overcharging could also affect the battery life of the hoverboard. In such cases, the battery could also heat up and damage the other components. The modern charging mechanism of the hoverboards and electronic products prevents overcharging. Nonetheless, it is a good practice to unplug the hoverboard, when it is fully charged.

Summing up

These are the simple yet important tips which help in preventing any unwanted situation. Not only do these practices keep you safe but also ensure that the battery life of the hoverboard is not affected. Thus, you should always remember to buy a hoverboard of a reputed brand. When you are buying from a reseller, make sure that reseller is trustworthy.  

Be safe and have fun with your hoverboard.

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