Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

What does this warranty not cover?

This Limited Warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by conditions, malfunctions, or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship. These conditions may include but are not limited to, road hazards, accidents, and improper operation or maintenance.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Hoverboard India be liable for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages or liabilities (including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of product, or any other consequential or incidental loss) in connection with the purchase, use, or operation of the product. Hoverboard India is not liable for property damage, personal injury, or death.

We are 100% committed to our customers to provide a one-year free service.

Warranty does Not cover the following:

  • Bluetooth, speaker, mobile app. remote, lights, and tires
  • Water/liquids damage
  • Broken charger port/pins
  • Frame /Chassis damage
  • Wrong usage of electrical supply and abnormal voltage
  • Damage caused by accidents (such as scratches or broken shells)
  • Accessories (Chargers, Carrying Cases & remote)
  • LED lights
  • Do not cross the maximum speed of 10kms/h, the board starts beeping at high speed, and damages caused to the rider or to the board during over speeding or while it’s on low battery, would not be covered under warranty.
  • Never store the board in the trunk of the car while traveling as it will hinder the collaboration and would eventually cause structural damage, hence will not be covered under warranty
  • Damages, imperfections, failure, the fault caused by abuse, illegal use, tampering, negligence, prolonged use, or operation.

Warranty Covers 12 month’s free service and any manufacturing faults or electrical malfunctions (12 months on the motor and Six months on battery) (one-time replacement) and repairs your hoverboard at our repair facility’s discretion; however, Return of shipping must be paid at the buyer’s expense.  After receiving the hoverboard we do the repair within 7 days.

Your warranty begins on receipt of delivery.

Return Shipping for Warranty Repairs

To return your defective Hoverboard under warranty, you will need to first contact us at support@hoverboards.co.in/8369916152 (Warranty Repair). You will be responsible for paying the return shipping costs back to our facility regardless of the warranty-related issue, however, we cover all costs associated with the repair and the shipping back to your address. DO NOT remove the product logos or labels. This will void your warranty.

Terms of Warranty


If there are any missing part(s), faults and/or defects which do not conform to the sales contract, invoice or packaging (“Defects”) which can reasonably be discovered through visual inspections on the date of purchase or immediately thereafter must be reported within seven (7) days of date of purchase, failing which, no Defects will be deemed to be present at the time of purchase. Claims relating to such Defects must be supported in writing by; or processed through, the authorized distributor or retailer where You have purchased the Product.

Damage, fault or failure due to causes beyond Our control including, but not limited to, repairs necessary due to operator negligence, improper installation, damage caused by spillage of foods/liquids, wrong usage of electrical supply and voltage, abnormal voltage, excessive heat, dust, corrosive surroundings, chemical reaction, failure to maintain the Product, failure to operate or use the Product according to instructions, accident, mishandling, misuse, tampering, vandalism, theft, fire, lightning, flood, wind, freezing, power failure, static, normal wear and tear, pests, vermin, foreign matter entering the Product, inadequate or excess power supply, unusual atmospheric conditions, or acts of war or acts of God.


  • Do not cross the maximum speed limit of 10km/h, or the HOVERBOARD will start beeping in order to slow you down. Damages caused to the rider or to the HOVERBOARD during over speeding, or while it’s low on battery would not be covered under warranty.
  • Never store the HOVERBOARD in the trunk of your car while traveling as it will hinder the collaboration and would eventually cause structural damage, Hence will not be covered under warranty.
  • Damages, fault, failure, imperfections, caused by abuse, tampering, illegal use, negligence, prolonged use or operation.
  • Damage, fault or failure due to alteration or repairs made by anyone other than us, or the use of supplies and accessories other than those manufactured by Us.
  • Signs of wear and tear from normal use are also excluded from the warranty.

Collision with other HOVERBOARDs/transportation devices, or damages caused by uneven surfaces, speed bumps, rocks and other obstructions on the surface on which HOVERBOARD is operated on are not covered under warranty