TIGER GLADIATOR – Electric Scooter

TIGER GLADIATOR – Electric Scooter

Tiger Hoverboard’s escooters are another eco-friendly way to travel relatively short distances without burning fossil fuel. They’re easy to fold up, they’re lighter than ebikes (usually), and you don’t need to wait on public transportation. Just hop on and go.

Enjoy a city ride or an adventurous trip on the Tiger Hoverboard’s Electric Scooter. The unique suspension e-bike is designed for smooth as well as uneven roads and terrains. Having a speed of 25 Kmph, it is great fun to cruise along on the e-scooter. The powerful 250-Watt hub motor throttles well with a full charge that takes around 4 to 5 hours. No uncomfortable ride as the e-scooter has comfortable flooring to stand and ride.

Why buy Tiger Hoverboard’s Electronic Scooter?

Tiger Hoverboard’s EScoooter is an electronic scooter which is a portable, folding scooter with a motor in the front wheel and battery under the deck together which can range upto 18.6miles on a single charge.

• Top Speed of 25 Kmph.
• Powerful 250W Motor for a pleasurable ride
• Charging takes around 4 to 5 hours

Juggle through traffic. Thanks to the sleek build that can pass through heavy traffic. The dual mechanic brake ensures a quick stop of the bike when brakes are applied. The battery that charges the bike is off 36V and is a Lithium-Ion battery. The chassis of the Electric Scooter is an aluminium frame that makes it extremely light at just 14 kgs and helps in getting the bike to move faster. Truly a well-designed and engineered bike. Do buy the electric bike and get a set of cruise riding across the city with ease and comfort.

It makes it easier to carry-on luggage and navigate stairways and pavements. Riders can also choose from a variety of colour schemes for the stylish product.

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    Tiger Gladiator – Electric Scooter Savvy, portable and foldable e-scooter


    Tiger Gladiator – Electric Scooter Savvy, portable and foldable e-scooter

    • Features – Portable and foldable scooter. Aerospace grade aluminum built.
    • Chassis Specifications – Durable Alloy Frame
    • Tyres –Strong yet lightweight with sturdy design with 8 Inch tyres
    • Devise Screen Specifications – LED Display with battery indicator
    • Design and Safety –Easy fold and Carry Design with double braking system
    • Milage and Charge – 18kms-29.9kms usage in single charge. Upto 5 hours charging required.
    • Rate Power – Powerful 250w motor
    • Light –Ultra-bright front facing 1.1w headlight with a range of 6 meters for added safety.
    • Batteries – High-capacity lithium-Ion batteries
    • Escooter Weight – 14Kgs
    • Maximum/Top speed – 20km/hr
    • Maximum weigh load – 100kgs
    • Colour – Black and White
    • Warranty – 1 year Manufacturing Warrant
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