Black Hoverboards



Black color is beautiful...It mesmerizes and adds an X factor. This universal color never fails to grab the attention of the passersby. Pick the glossy and hunk black hoverboard from India Hoverboards to give your nearby commutes a different dimension.

Our self-balancing scooters are built with a strong outer case and supported by powerful tires that can withstand the shock from every crack and holes of the Indian roads. This attribute makes the black hoverboard the most reliable and persistent companion while commuting. This hoverboard is also outlined with LED lights that change color and make you visible during the nights while illuminating the path of travel. This adds to the safety of the commute that is the key concern of our company.

We have two 350 Watts motors powered by German technology and high-speed chipset that enable the self-balancing mechanism of the hoverboard apart from maintaining a stable acceleration throughout the journey. In addition, this hoverboard has 29 Volt Samsung Lithium-ion battery that can hold the charge for longer and supports travel of up to 20 kilometers per single charge. Another attribute that makes this hoverboard stand
unique in the crowd is its dynamic and responsive turn, reverse, and acceleration mechanism. It runs at a speed of 10 to 12 km per hour and supports the mass of up to 100 kilograms.

Hop on to a wide hoverboard with a rubber grip to revamp your journey to a nearby bus stop or playground. You can also pack it in the Bluetooth carry bag accompanied by the purchase and take it along with you.

Pick a black self-balancing scooter from our wide range of collection and add a zing to your short trips and grab the attention of the people without compromising the environment and your budget.