Hoverboards are fairly new to India. There’s a lot of wrong information on the internet which can lead to injuries. Here, we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions so you can refer to this page, whenever you face any issues with your hoverboard.

Hoverboards are quite simple to ride. The hoverboard goes forward, reverse, and you can maneuver it wherever you want to. The hoverboard also goes up on an incline, without having to put in any extra effort.

Learning to balance yourself, and go forward and backward will only require a couple of hours of practice. The concept of balancing is quite foreign to most people – however, the hoverboard does most of the work for you. Mastering the hoverboard, including maneuvering it here and there should take a couple of hours, maximum.

Hoverboards have a minimum weight limit of 25 kg. This is for calibration purposes. If anyone below 25 kgs mounts the hoverboard, there will be continuous beeping because the weight criterion was not met. Children also learn faster than adults do. However, if you’re below 16, we recommend you ride your hoverboard in adult supervision, to prevent the risk of grave injuries.

Numerous studies have shown that hoverboards are very safe to use. However, it is ill-advised to go onto main streets in India on your hoverboard – you don’t want to be run over. Ride your hoverboard on sidewalks or service lanes.

India Hoverboards takes consumer safety quite seriously. All our hoverboards come with a speed alarm, which is set to ring if you start riding above 10 km/h. This speed alarm cannot be overridden or tampered with.

The hoverboard also comes with lights which serve as pilot lamps and turn indicators. Engine malfunction and other such problems are indicated by various lights which lighten up whenever issues arise. All of this is described in much more detail in the instructions manual provided with the hoverboard.

Our hoverboards are not particularly waterproof but are water-resistant to an extent. All our products are IP54 rated, marking them as safe for use with light splashes of water and dust. It is not advisable to use your hoverboard in excessively damp or wet conditions as it could have an adverse effect on the motherboard of your scooter.

Yes, you can ride your hoverboard on an uphill road. Hoverboards have an incline-assist system which helps you climb inclines without putting any extra effort. Not only is the uphill journey taken care but also the downhill journey is assisted well. You can control your speed while riding downhill. This keeps you in control of the hoverboard.

The batteries provided with the hoverboard are specially manufactured for use with a hoverboard. These are rechargeable batteries, which should not be charged for more than 2 hours at a time. India Hoverboards only gets you certified Li-ion batteries which are very efficient.

A single charge will take you anywhere between 18-20 km, depending on conditions. A few of our product testers also clocked 22.4 km on a single charge. To charge your hoverboard, you should connect the charger to a power socket, and the other end of the charger into the hoverboard, near the battery case. Plugging in the charger causes a red light to be switched on, which turns green when the battery is fully charged.

It is to be noted that your order will be dispatched only after we receive full payment. In other words, you will have to make full payment when placing the order. The sooner you pay, the sooner we dispatch, and the sooner it reaches your doorstep.

Customers get a few options to make payment. You can either pay through an online gateway, using a debit or credit card, or you can choose from different payment apps which you can look into at the checkout. We currently do not accept cash payments and the full payment must be made at the time of purchase.

As stated previously as well, we will dispatch your product only after confirmation of full payment. Our products are delivered all over India by our esteemed courier/delivery partners. Your product should reach you within 7-8 business days of being dispatched.

Actually, there is no active suspension mechanism involved in a hoverboard. In spite of a lack of a suspension mechanism, the hoverboard can take quite a few rough roads. This doesn’t mean you go ahead and drive it on bumpy, bouncy roads. Hoverboards are quite delicate but can handle bumps in the road, about ¼ to ½ inch.

As you get more and more comfortable with your board, you will realize how a passive suspension mechanism works while riding. You can use your knees to serve as suspension – bend them a little, according to your liking.

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