Things you ought to consider before buying a hoverboard:

Things you ought to consider before buying a hoverboard:

Bound for a timeless journey, the hottest toy of this era is flying off the shelves at a crazy pace. The dot com bubble is bursting, with the marketing portals soaring upwards and making a difference in this technologically-advanced world. However, there are a few things to ruminate on as you make the purchase of these motorized boards.

While the craze for the hoverboards is catching pace, there have been instances of hoverboards bursting into flames. So, there are a few factors that need to be paid attention to in order to ensure a satisfactory buy.

Hover on wheels :

The first thing, the most conspicuous entity of hoverboards is that they don’t really levitate or fly. Although there are propeller-oriented and electromagnetic energy-induced boards, they are not readily available to the masses.

The modern hoverboard has two rotating wheels, with a gyroscopic or sensory pad. The size of wheels determines speed. Also, the wheels are customised according to landscapes. The 8- inch wheel will gift a smoother ride on various surfaces, even on a rough terrain. If you want to attempt moves or tricks, you should go for the 6.5 inch size. To use hoverboards simply as transportation devices, the 10-inch wheels are considered the best.

The better battery:

A hoverboard runs on lithium-ion batteries. The accepted theory is that the accidental flames can be caused by the batteries, resting within the boards’ casing. Interestingly, lithium-ion batteries are used in a number of electronic appliances like cell-phones and laptops. Here, the matter of quality comes in the equation. If you are looking for a good hoverboard, make sure that it is available with a good quality battery. Low-quality batteries can spoil the entire experience. A bit more investment can enable one to ride longer.

Safety first!

Safety should always be a priority, undoubtedly the first. With reports of malfunctioning, it is must that the customer chooses a brand which is examined, verified and certified by a recognised regulatory body. It was announced that UL 2272 will serve as the safety certification for hoverboards. This ensures that battery and other electrical systems in the device are safe to use. For garnering a UL 2272 certification, hoverboards have to go through a gauntlet of tests which involve physical shock, exposure to temperature and water, overcharging, etc. It must be a relief for buyers that there is a benchmark to judge upon to make a verdict on choice.

You want to show or go?

Considering the mélange of hoverboards available in the market, each with their own design and properties, it is necessary to chalk out a plan. Who and where are the two issues to be addressed with respect to riding hoverboards.

– Availability of manual mode is of supreme importance for first time users.

– There must be a ratio between body weight and the supporting capacity of the board.

– The route of commute or an area of simple joy rides should be established.

– The terrain where you’d roll with your board must also be taken into account. Smaller wheels facilitate efficient travelling on even grounds, not irregular ones.

With novel designs and additions like Bluetooth speakers, lights, remotes, and carrying bags being added to the hoverboards, it is understandable that the seeker will get bewildered by so many options. If you abide by the simple rules of analysis and the product be validated by UL 2272, you should place an order right away without further ado.

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