How To Ride A Hoverboard?

How To Ride A Hoverboard?


Riding a hoverboard is definitely fun, if you learn how to balance and ride on it. You have completed the first step and bought a hoverboard of your choice.  The first tip is to ensure that your hoverboard is fully charged. Thereafter, you can go through the manual that you received when you bought the hoverboard. Next, go through these quick tips to learn to balance on your hoverboad:

    1. Some hoverboards come with a training mode. If yours has a training or beginner mode, turn it on; it is recommended. You need to put on a safety helmet and safety gear to protect your body in case you fall.
    2. Choose a safe place to practice. As you are a novice, choose a place which is secluded. Choose an even path because an uneven path will be problematic.
    3. Choose a firm, even ground to learn to ride your hoverboard. Hold on to something or someone before stepping on the hoverboard.
    4. If you are learning on a walking track, you can hold on to a railing, in case there is one. You can also ask for a friend’s help and hold onto him/her while stepping on the hoverboard.
    5. Now you have all the important things in place, put your hoverboard on the ground.
    6. Hold on to support and put your feet on the hoverboard one by one. There is wide enough space available on the board for you to adjust your feet easily.
    7. While you step onto the hoverboard, do not put too much pressure on one side instead step on it in a calm manner with a straight sole of the foot.
    8. When your feet are on the hoverboard and you feel unbalanced, try to adjust your feet while holding onto a support.  Widen your stance and move your feet further wide on the footpads closer to the wheels.
    9. Once you feel safe let go of the support. Now you may want to practice this step to make sure you get it right.
    10. When you are ready, start riding in a straight line. For that tilt your feet slightly in the forward direction to move forward.
    11. While tilting your feet, don’t imbalance your lower body or knees. Only move your feet from ankles down for the perfect ride. To move backward you will need to tilt your heels slightly backward.
    12. For turning, tilt one foot at a time. Tilt the foot in the opposite direction you want to turn. For example, if you want to turn to the right you will slightly tilt your left foot and the left side of the hoverboard will start turning.
    13. Practice makes a man perfect…So it is with hoverboard. With regular practice, you’ll be able to master the art of riding the hoverboard.

These are the basic tactics to learn to balance on your hoverboard. If you fall a couple of times, it’s expected as it is the part of learning. Have fun riding the hoverboard and don’t forget to show off your new skill to your friends.

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