Children’s Edition – Fun Games To Play Using Hoverboards

Children’s Edition – Fun Games To Play Using Hoverboards

Engaging kids today is a big task and parents are constantly looking for fun and cool ways to have fun with them. Our hoverboard for kids are a perfect as well as unique gift that your child will instantly fall in love with. They are safe, snazzy and some also come outfitted with Bluetooth speakers that make the experience of using them even more fun. Here are some games that you can play using our hoverboards.

Hoverboard Tag

A twist on the classic. The catcher’s job is to capture other players who are trying to evade him using a hoverboard. When the catcher touches another player they become the catcher, and it is their chance to tag someone else. This fun twist on the game will surely keep you entertained for hours, and we are sure that you will enjoy is much more using a hoverboard than on foot.

Hoverboard Race

This fascinating hoverboard game lets you experience the excitement of racing on two wheels. Get everyone to line up behind a line, and when someone says “go,” everybody races to the end zone, and the person who gets there first wins. You may make it more exciting by including hurdles and tasks.

Simon Says

A disclaimer for this game is that you need to be an expert at using the hoverboard. You also need to know some tricks, or this game would not be very fun. But as the game goes, players choose one person to be Simon, who then informs everyone what to do, such as ‘Simon says perform a wheelie, go get a get a lemon, and so on. The trick is if someone accepts an order that does not start with “Simon says…”, they are out of the game, and it is their chance to be Simon.

Merry Go Round

Remember riding the merry-go-round until you get dizzy? You can amend the game by keeping the goal to make as many circles as you can on the board before collapsing from dizziness. The individual who is the last on their hoverboard wins. To avoid getting injured and ensure maximum safety all these games should be played wearing a helmet, elbow and knee pads. Kids will love this, and it will instantly be a hit.

Bouncy Ball

This is a brilliant group game that requires you to collaborate. All you need is a balloon or a light ball. Two teams can volunteer to throw the ball or balloon with the aim of keeping it suspended in the air. You should not use a heavy or bulky ball like a tennis ball or football, use a plastic one as they are light and easy to keep in the air. Try to keep the ball from hitting the ground for as long as possible, the team that drops the ball loses. This is a great play date idea for all kids as the more people there are, the more difficult it will be. You can buy hoverboards from our website to gift children is your circle.

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