How To Best Maintain Your Hoverboard

How To Best Maintain Your Hoverboard

Once you have purchased the hoverboard, you are now part of the cool kid’s club! You have a cooler
and smarter way to travel short distances. But like any other vehicle such as your car or bicycle, you
need to be careful and maintain it regularly. Taking proper care will ensure that the hoverboard will
function better and smoother for a longer time. Follow these recommendations for hoverboard


When storing your self-balancing board, you should always try to keep it cool and dry place. If you
are not using the hoverboard regularly, keep it in a warm, dry area. Protect it from dust, grime, and
freezing temperatures. You should purchase specifically designed hoverboard cases or covers that
will keep your hoverboard dust and moisture-free while in storage. Hoverboard covers are available
in a variety of materials. Some that come with handles can also be helpful if you want to travel with
your hoverboard all while protecting it from dirt, water splashes, and so on.


We strongly recommend that you be mindful when you are charging your hoverboard. Yes, you may
overcharge a hoverboard battery, and doing so could reduce the life of your battery. You should
always keep your hoverboard fully charged (between 80% and 100%) and remove the charging
device once the green indication light appears. On average, hoverboard batteries take 1.5 to 2.5
hours to completely charge. If you are not using your self-balancing board frequently and regularly,
the battery will discharge on its own over time. In such cases we recommend that you charge the
board every two months.

Cleaning your hoverboard

The most important tip in your daily usage will be regarding how to clean the hoverboard. You need
to regularly clean the bord so that dust, debris and small stones do not get stuck in the board. You
must check the wheels carefully and always keep an eye out for debris between your hoverboard's
wheels and the body. If you have purchased an off-road or all-terrain hoverboard that you ride on
grass, gravel, or other uneven surfaces, be very regular in cleaning it up after each ride. To clean the
board, avoid using any harsh chemicals and never drench it completely it with water. Instead, take a
microfiber cloth or a towel, and soak that in soapy water, squeeze out the excess and then clean the
hoverboard. You can also use a soft brush to clean the grooves of the wheels/

Servicing your hoverboard

Like any vehicle, hoverboards are intricate pieces of electrical equipment, and things might go wrong
from time to time. Although hoverboards are very durable, you should always be aware of how you
ride them. Avoid potholes and especially rough terrain, and remember to always ride with a safety
helmet on. You should get your hoverboard serviced on a regular basis (every 6 – 12 months), and if
you notice any problems, you should always see a professional. Do not keep using the hoverboard if
you are noticing anything problematic, this could lead to further damage. You can get in touch with
us on the number mentioned on the site as well as write to us on our official email.

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