Ways to spot a fake Hoverboard

Ways to spot a fake Hoverboard


With the growing popularity of hoverboards, there has been a significant influx of products in the market. This significantly increases your options but also the chances of someone trying to sell you a fake hoverboard. It may look and feel like an authentic product, but once you get it home, you could realize that the product is in fact, not the real deal. To help you avoid this error, we have some telltale signs that you should look for while shopping.

Is the the name correctly spelt?

You may frequently come across counterfeit hoverboards; typically, the ones originating from China will have the name purposefully misspelled on the device. This is done on purpose for legal reasons, but it is a dead giveaway that it is an imitation. They may be an identical copy of the original, and it would be difficult to detect the difference just by looking at them. But on the interior, they use parts from materials of lower quality.

Is the Price Way too Low?

Hoverboards are not among the most budget-friendly of gadgets. They are, in point of fact, rather expensive. If you want to get an excellent hoverboard, plan on spending at least a decent amount of money. As with everything else, if something appears to be too good to be true, it almost certainly isn’t. You should be suspicious if you find one that is significantly cheaper than most brands and has very few reviews. If they do, you can be sure that they have not performed enough quality control on their goods and have instead used materials that are of lower quality.

Examine the Instruction Book.

If a hoverboard is a fake, then the instruction manual could also be fraudulent. Manuals included with counterfeit hoverboards are riddled with poor translations (from Chinese), typos, and other grammatical and typographical errors. Genuine manufacturers provide user guides with a high-end appearance and high-grade paper, detailed illustrations, and error-free language throughout. Some companies even utilise holograms that are uniquely associated with their branding. Support information, such as websites, email addresses, and phone numbers, will be included in the handbook that you purchase. They have nothing to conceal, to put it simply.

Are they not Heavy Enough?

In the world of hoverboards, being light is not necessarily a good thing. If a hoverboard is unusually light, this may indicate that it is made of inexpensive materials based on plastic.

Does It Make a Sound?

A hoverboard that was constructed with care will not produce any obnoxious sounds. If it is making a squeaking sound, it indicates that it was not manufactured in the most efficient manner and could be fake.

Responses From Customers

This is perhaps the method that is the easiest to use to identify a fake hoverboard. It is improbable that you are the first person in the history of the world to purchase a certain hoverboard model. You can read reviews that other customers have left for the product by visiting websites. Fakes hoverboards will have low ratings, and most comments will be critical.

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