Hoverboards Are The Next Cool Thing

Hoverboards Are The Next Cool Thing

Pushing boundaries- that’s what humans have always been doing. It is sensational how a particularly snazzy piece of gadget belonging to 20th century science-fiction, Back to the Future, could actually evolve in reality.

Hoverboards- although the name evokes images of a flying skating board, science has only gone so far as to give them a form called self-balancing scooters. The actual timeline of its inception is still debatable, but Shane Chen, an American businessman is considered to the first one to drive home the patent in 2015.

The device consists of two motorized wheels connected to a pad where the riders place their feet and control speed and direction, propelled by electronic batteries. Radically significant, hoverboards have redefined the notions of locomotion. Personal transport has been attributed with a new verve- a statement of affluence and trend. The world is undergoing a rapid transformation, where technology surpasses itself each day, giving rise to better, iconic inventions. Notwithstanding the disputable manufacturing history of hoverboards, this device has caused a global boom in business. In the cultural sphere as made evident by celebrities, hoverboards are unanimous favourites.

It is one of the sole reasons for their popularity among the masses. From Justin Bieber to the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, the glitterati have shown an affinity towards this technological marvel. Music aficionados can never forget the LAX airport fiasco involving Wiz Khalifa, cruising on a golden hoverboard. Certain isolated incidents, solidified by celebrities’ social media handles, have accelerated the process of marketability of self-balancing scooters. In Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has sported hoverboards in films like Desi Boyz and Holiday. Undoubtedly, hoverboards have a brought about a revolution in the field of personal transport. Many people have ditched commuting short distances on foot, turning to the cooler mode of zooming on hoverboards.

Although the idea of balance and safety is a part of the equation, these boards are slowly becoming a part of the current urban ethos. Never before has any device eased the monotony of daily transportation for short distances. Since the advent of these wonders, it can said that hoverboards hold a potential for a sustainable mode of transport in the near future.

With no pollution, no additional follow-ups on maintenance, and no hassles in use, hoverboards are in tremendous demand among city dwellers. Both in the west and the east, there are many companies which have established the trade. Aided by giant online marketing platforms, like Amazon and Snapdeal, they have created a huge base of customers. In India, Swagtron, Uboard, and Cloud Surfer manufacture and ship hoverboards, creating a pattern of serving the best. Their online portals showcase the state-of-the-art samples of hoverboards with a variety of eclectic designs. With relation to the current state of affairs in our world, the environment is posed with threats of total extinction in due course of time. However, clean energy has subtly reduced the menace. Hoverboards incorporate style along with the sense of maintaining the ecosystem, making them hot favourites among millennials.
It is inevitable that a fad or fixation will be replaced by another. In the late 1800s, penny-farthing, the first rendition of a bicycle with a large front wheel and a smaller rear one, became an object of fascination, racing games and transport. Soon, the trend gave way to regular bicycles in the next century. In the 21st century, hoverboards have set a benchmark by promising surfing on streets. By combining thrill with convenience, these electronic gizmos are the precursors of a futuristic society like the ones seen in most sci-fi movies.  Hoverboards are certainly the next cool thing and the trend will only continue in the days to come!

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