Tiger Mighty – 10” Hoverboard Mighty Flame Red


Tiger Mighty – 10” Hoverboard Mighty Flame Red

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  • Brand: Tiger Hoverboards
  • Item Location: Mumbai
  • Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Business days
  • Max Travel Distance: 15Km per single charge
  • Max Speed: 10km/h (Alert on when exceeding 12km/h)
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Bluetooth Carry Bag
  • Description


Blaze through the lanes in merry abandon upon the spectacular electric hoverboard with 10-inch of wheel size, perfected to fit your idea of adventure travelling in populated areas. Equipped with smart chip technology with high-speed CPU which controls the gyroscopic movements, the self-balancing board ascribes to the notion of a sought-after product. Its German-designed motor allows a speed of 10km/h and can capacitate distances as great as 15km per single charge. Not only that, this board can also withstand a load of 120kilos, which means that your girth would not pose as a problem to the general function of the board. Furthermore, the casing is painted diligently to give a flaming effect. This is subtly done- for maintaining a style quotient and upholding the concept of free riding. To give a more zesty touch, LED lights are incorporated on the hoverboard. The 10-inch spider alloy wheels are fashioned to run on almost all sorts of terrain, from untarred roads to polished maple-wood flooring. Apt for leisurely rides and daily travels, the board’s overall façade makes you feel euphoric at the very thought of owning the piece of art and engineering marvel. Without any doubt, this self-balancing scooter is a worthwhile purchase.

10 inch hoverboard - flame red model

10 inch self balancing board flame model

10 inch hoverboard - flame - cover pic

10 inch hoverboard flame model closeup look

10 inch flame model hoverboard with LED and bluetooth

Hoverboard motor image

Hoverboard technology

Hoverboard Balance Instructions

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