Tiger Classic – 6.5” Hoverboard Metalic Blue


Tiger Classic – 6.5” Hoverboard Metalic Blue

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  • Brand: Tiger Hoverboards
  • Item Location: Mumbai
  • Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Business days
  • Max Travel Distance: 15-20Km per single charge
  • Max Speed: 10km/h (Alert on when exceeding 12km/h)
  • Max Load: 100kg
  • Bluetooth Carry Bag
  • Description


Lurching towards future, this neon-blue device is a quintessence among self-balancing scooters with its superb design and functionality. Build to cover distances as great as up to 20km upon a single charge, this hoverboard is a classic example of irreversible modernization. It typifies the idea of usefulness balanced with greatness. As an UL 2272-certified product, this hoverboard abides by the measures and notion of safety. Its improved structure is substantiated by anti-skidding and anti-slip qualities. Moreover, this particular model provides a learning edge for novice riders with a permissible threshold for speed, redesigned footpads, and a user-friendly system console. Its high-quality components enrich the rider with amazing experiences in the process, without suffering the agony of unforeseeable problems. Many of its features make it the perfect vehicle for kids as well as grown-ups. The board offers great sanctuary for bored teenagers; a swift ride on it can eradicate life’s blues. The minimalist essence of the hoverboard does not rule out its capacity for handling the weight of a quintal. Its companion Bluetooth carry bag affords portability; the signature of an all-round assimilation of utility and convenience. To state the obvious, Tiger Hoverboards has crafted a masterpiece- humble and virtuous.

6.5 inch hoverboard blue

blue hoverboard 6.5 model

Blue colour in small self balancing scooter board

Hoverboard blue small

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Hoverboard technology

Hoverboard Balance Instructions

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