Privacy Policy

India Hoverboards understands how important your privacy is. We have got a strict privacy policy which prevents us from misusing your data. Here’s a brief description of our privacy policy, for you to understand how data is collected, used, shared, retained, and stored.

  • The purpose for collection of individual data will be intimated to the user.
  • We provide your personal data on request.
  • Data collected for one purpose will not be used for another. In other words, we will use your data only for the purpose specified when said data was collected, and other dependent purposes.
  • shall modify their privacy policy according to changes in privacy and data-use laws.
  • Data collected for specific avenues will be shredded after said purpose has been fulfilled.
  • We assure users that data will be collected by lawful means, and with the consent of the user.
  • The data that we collect needs to be up-to date, and true to the best knowledge of the customer.
  • shall put up safeguards to ensure that the data is adequately protected from misuse, loss, theft, unauthorized access, manipulation, etc.
  • India Hoverboards’ data-use regulations shall be made public.
  • Information that has served its purpose will be trashed, and the footprints will be erased.
  • Only qualified and authorized individuals have access to your personal data – protected by relevant privacy laws.

These are the main points of our privacy policy. We intend to conduct business in a fair manner, and use customer data according to our privacy policy. Please read the privacy policy carefully, to understand how we use your data.