Handle Bar For Hoverboard & Electric Scooters


Handle Bar For Hoverboard & Electric Scooters


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Have you been feeling a bit wobbly on your feet riding an electric hoverboard? Just as a ship needs a mast for stability, self-balancing scooter’s safety handle ensures balance and equilibrium for its riders. The handle is ideal for a novice who is trying to gain firmer footing on these futuristic rides, learning to become comfortable. Cross impediments that curb your freedom.

Its function works around basic principles of utility. The handlebar cannot control the direction of its charioteer. Its primary role is to control speed and maintain balance. Supposedly, in a worst case scenario, if your hoverboard has depleted all of its power and you’re feeling too stiff-shouldered to carry the dormant device, you can walk it alongside guiding the handle, old-school way. The rod’s length is adjustable from 1075cm to 56cm. That makes it a unanimously useful tool, convertible for kids and adults according to respective heights. This model is attachable to 6.5inch Smart Self-Balancing Scooter hoverboard and Spider 10 hoverboard. The handle has a rotation point, swiveling 360 degrees without any hindrance whatsoever. Without further ado, add a guiding sentinel to your board if you’re not feeling too certain about taking a trip across your neighborhood.

Handle description

Hoverboard and self balance scooter handle

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